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Saurel Quettan is a Human Behavior and Transformation Expert

exeQfit founder, Saurel Quettan, MBA, PMP

Saurel Quettan is a Human Behavior and Transformation Expert, Creator of “The Authentic Leadership Journey” – Access to Becoming the Leader You Most Admire. He is the Founder & CEO of exeQfit, a business consulting firm.

Saurel has helped entrepreneurs, CEOs, founders, and owners of small to medium-sized businesses enhance their emotional intelligence, master effective communication, and build high-performing teams.

As a leadership coach, with 20+ years in the field of human growth and development, Saurel doesn’t teach leadership! Instead, he helps clients focus on the distinction between achievement and success, guiding them as they create and embrace something bigger than themselves. In the process, they become The Leader They Most Admire, leaders who make the very best decisions possible when facing big challenges such as:

Paralyzed by the complexity of developing and executing business growth strategies

Fear of change and uncertainty in their industry

Struggling to build a unified culture with a shared vision

Blind to the barriers to high performance in business and in life

Consistently playing small instead of taking steps to realize a bold, new future

Yearning to make a greater impact for their families, companies, and communities

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Speaking engagements

Saurel Quettan, founder of exeQfit, is a transformative speaker

Saurel Quettan engages audiences with tales of what it means to be human and our capacity to transform ourselves, our businesses and our communities.

Saurel Quettan speaking on stage

Your audiences can expect:

Tailored presentations

designed to resonate with their specific needs, challenges, and aspirations, drawing from the exeQfit Practices on the Authentic Leadership Journey.

Dynamic sessions

that not only share insights but also engage the audience through interactive elements, storytelling, and real-life examples that highlight practical applications of Authentic Leadership Practices.

Follow-up materials and resources

such as guides, worksheets, or digital content to help the audience apply what they’ve learned in their personal and professional lives.

Additional opportunities

to delve deeper into the keynote topics through interactive workshops or breakout sessions, providing hands-on experiences in applying leadership principles.

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