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Conference Facilitation

exeQfit’s Conference Facilitation is tailored to engage audiences to become active participants in getting optimal value from your events. Instead of sitting back and passively listening, they begin to pull information toward themselves. Regular check-ins throughout the conference remind the group of their stated goals and hold them accountable for fulfilling on their intentions.

Your audiences will:

Be more engaged with the conference content

Actively participate in pulling information toward themselves

Generate more meaningful and productive conversations

Take home much greater value from your conference

Conference Facilitation Pricing – starts at $7,500

Event Speaking

Book Saurel Quettan to speak at your next event.

ExeQfit founder, Saurel Quettan is unparalleled in his ability to inspire and move audiences. His keynotes and presentations are tailored to resonate with your group’s specific needs, challenges, and aspirations. He not only shares insights, but also engages through interactive elements, storytelling, and real-life examples that highlight practical applications of Authentic Leadership Practices.

Saurel’s talks are designed to help your people:

Feel motivated and equipped with actionable insights that enhance their leadership approach

Be empowered to initiate change within their organizations

Gain tools to foster a culture of empowerment and collaboration

Improve team performance, engagement, and satisfaction

Think ahead to building legacy

Enhance emotional intelligence

Master effective communication

Build high-performing teams

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Key topics include:

The Power of Authentic Leadership

Exploring the transformational impact of leading with authenticity in today’s dynamic business environment.

Navigating Systemic Barriers with Integrity and Innovation

Strategies for overcoming systemic challenges while maintaining ethical leadership and promoting inclusive growth.

Empowering Teams for Legacy Building

How leaders can cultivate a culture of empowerment, accountability, and collective success to build a legacy.

Resilience and Adaptability in Leadership

Techniques for developing personal and professional resilience, enabling leaders to navigate uncertainty and change with confidence.

Strategic Visioning for Future Leaders

The art of crafting a compelling vision, aligning it with authentic values, and inspiring action towards achieving that vision.

Speaker Pricing – starts at $5,000

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