Leadership Coaching

Leadership is more than a new set of skills -
it’s a transformative journey.

exeQfit is the ideal choice for leaders who are committed to transforming themselves as well as the organizations they work with.

With exeQfit coaching, we get on the court with you to uncover blind spots stemming from the personal and systemic challenges we face, (i.e., imposter syndrome, racism, sexism, and limited access to opportunity and capital).

Our approach goes beyond superficial problem-solution tactics. We’re out to transform the real root cause of whatever is standing in the way of you reaching your end goals —

In the process, you will become the leader you most respect while building the organization you most admire.

exeQfit coach guiding a woman in leadership coaching

What’s in it for your company:

  • Increased team engagement, performance, and productivity
  • Stronger positive organizational culture
  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention
  • Sustainable, predictable business growth
  • Emphasis on legacy building and community impact

What’s in it for you:

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Stronger interpersonal relationships and communication
  • Effective leadership skills and improved decision-making
  • Greater adaptability and resilience
  • Increased work-life balance

LeadLift: Blueprint

For Executives

LeadLift: Blueprint for Executives is a six- month program for leaders working in mid-sized organizations and Fortune 1000 companies. We start by establishing your goals then take a deep dive into coaching across all five practices from the Authentic Leadership Journey with extended time to address team empowerment for corporate-wide initiatives.

Includes: Two 90-minute sessions per month over six months, minimum

Investment: starts at $6,000

For Entrepreneurs

LeadLift: Blueprint for Entrepreneurs is ideal for leaders working in smaller organizations. This three-month program also begins by establishing your specific goals. Then we focus on developing the personal leadership skills encompassed in the first two practices on the Authentic Leadership Journey.

Includes: Two 90-minute sessions per month over six months, minimum

Investment: starts at $3,000

Discover the Five Essential Practices of

The Authentic Leadership Journey

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