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Discover what keeps you and your teams stuck

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Our data-driven approach helps reveal the underlying barriers in your systems that thwart contributions and fulfillment — both human and organizational.

Uncover the gaps between goals and what’s so

Transform and unite team dynamics

Address accountability on the level of individual and team

Make high performance a natural way of being for everyone in your organization.

exeQfit Team Coaching creates a space where individuals and teams can safely assess their own personal leadership effectiveness and become top contributors, regardless of their position within the organization. Team Coaching engagements begin with workshops because they are exceptionally effective in:

Establishing a common language and shared approach

Laying the foundation for the work we’ll be doing around team performance and personal accountability

Crafting an action plan for addressing gaps consistent with your new shared

Each of our workshops focus on one of the practices from the Authentic Leadership Journey. Which workshop you begin with depends on the stage of the journey your team or organization is traversing. As team members go through the workshops, ongoing team coaching is imperative to help them and their leaders embed the tenets of Authentic Leadership in the culture of the organization.

table of people being coached by exeQfit in a team coaching workshop

Authentic Leadership Journey Workshops:

Practice 1 – Create Myself

Access the Leader Within

Duration: 3 Days

Practice 2 – Create Futures

Inventing Shared Futures

Duration: 2 Days

Practice 3 – Create Team

Cultivating Collective Leadership

Duration: 2 Days

Practice 4 – Create Plans

Building Shared Action Plans

Duration: 3 Days

Practice 5 – Perform

Execute with Integrity

Duration: 2 Days

Workshop Pricing

3-Day Workshops:

#of Participants: 15-20

Duration: 3 full days – 9AM to 4:30PM

Price per participant: $2,500

Price per additional participants, (i.e., 16 to 25): $1,500

2-Day Workshops:

#of Participants: 15-20

Duration: 2 full days – 9AM to 4:30PM

Price per participant: $1,750

Price per additional participants, (i.e., 16 to 25): $1,050

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